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The Kitchen's CO

The Kitchen's CO

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  1. Old school grandmas would serve the men, stay in the kitchen, and if they had the time serve themselves a plate, pull out the cutting board and use it as a table. We had my wife’s grandma who was in her late eighties stay with us to show how she made her famous recipes which included machaca. She showed up at the house with a big rock which she explained was for seperating the roast. She has since died, we still have the rock and no we could not duplicate her machaca. I am in my early fifties with a family and a house with heat and air, yet I have this habit of using the stove to heat the house. When I was growing it was a common practice to turn the oven on for heat as the houses did not have another heat source. My wife cannot believe that I grew up in houses with no normal heaters. I have a scar that runs the length of my forearm. I found out that as a young child I stuck my arm in an open oven that was on for heating the house.

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