The day the over door flew off

I am sure this experience is not so unique, by unique enough. Seems my father was going to do some spray painting on a cool day and decided to warm the spray paint can in the oven. Then sorta forgot about it until it blew the oven door off and spray painted the ceiling, cabinets and floor! Years later, that can was put on a plaque by my sister as a memorial to the day and event and given as a Christmas present.

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Mom in her mileau

The Kitchen's CO

The Kitchen's CO

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Welcome to your kitchen, share your stories

This place came about when I was looking back at my family’s history. Like many of you, a large number of those memories centered in our family kitchen with Mom working away like mad and each of us making whatever contribution we could, or following her orders like those of a recruit to their drill sergeant. The kitchen was a center, a gathering place for family, friends and guests. In it, magic would happen and sometimes, some really funny things came out – good and bad. Tears were shed here, in joy and sorrow, but through it all, the kitchen remained the warmest place to share the happiness or sadness of those it held in its space. Aromas wafted throughout the house, and sometimes smoke, but at the end of it, love what came out the most; to the table, the living room or the bedroom of a ill family member. And sometimes what came out was destined for the trash.

This is a place to share those stories, happy or sad, serious or funny and to drop off a favorite family gem of a recipe.

Welcome to your kitchen. Christmas Night/San Diego 2008

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